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Online safety is an area which is constantly changing as technology develops. As human interaction with new hardware and software develops, we see dangers appear that we must address:

“The safest computer in the world, is one that is not plugged in and connected to the internet. It is not the technology that is the problem, it is human interaction with it”

I have been working in the area of online safety for the past five years and my aim is to support children, parents and professionals. I am not a ‘lock down-shut down’ consultant, I love technology and especially the ways that it can help us learn. Please look at the information provided and get in touch, if you require training and support for your school, organisation or company.
9/11/2015 – Parents session added: https://tcpinto.org/parents/
10/11/2015 – Taking bookings for ‘Teaching Counter Terrorism’, 1st December, Rotherham: https://tcpinto.org/training-packages-services/